Welcome to The Ace Program by Paul Forchione

Learn to Trade Options With Paul Forchione

Paul teaches you practical techniques for trading options that are used by professional traders. He’s a veteran options trader and strategist with over 30 years of experience who has traded in the pits at the CBOE and CBOT and handled hundreds of client accounts as a broker and CTA.

Paul’s instructions will show you how to identify which futures markets have overvalued options and which have undervalued options. For these markets he then teaches you how to become an options “architect” who structures options spreads that have a trading edge for bullish, bearish and neutral market outlooks.Paul’s educational materials are completely different from advisory services that try to predict the future and time directional moves. Paul’s products and mentoring services teach you to:

    1. Understand the “Greeks” – the impact that market movement, changes in implied volatility, and time decay have on your positions
    2. Incorporate implied and statistical volatility into your trading decisions
    3. Use a template – The ACE CD — to find the best strategy based on current or anticipated market conditions
    4. Generate a Graphic Analysis to see how your positions will perform over time as the market moves
    5. Employ implied volatility to your advantage and, when appropriate, neutralize its impact on your positions
    6. Create positions that can be closed for a profit before the options expire
    7. Trade delta neutral options positions and adjust them as the market moves and as implied volatility expands and contracts
    8. Identify the markets with the best options chains
    9. Filter the markets for liquidity in order to get the best possible fills on your orders
    10. Feel comfortable by establishing positions that fit your own personal risk / reward profile

Listen to 25 hours of Paul’s free educational webinars, and watch a video interview of Paul at the CME where he answers the following questions:

    • How did you get involved in options trading?
    • What is it that makes options an attractive trading instrument?
    • Has options trading changed over the past 10 years?
    • What type of trends are you seeing in your customers’ trading?
    • How can a retail trader sort through the various options strategy available to them?
    • How can a trader trader a “hot” market?
    • How do you define risk management for an options trade?
    • What’s the best way to define risk:reward for an options spread trade?
    • Do you recommend a specific money management strategy for options?
    • Is it necessary to hold an options position to expiration?
    • What the ideal time to expiration for an option?
    • What does a trading plan need to address?
    • When would a trader scale into an options position?
    • How do you identify market opportunities?
    • How important is diversification of markets & strategy in your trading?
    • How many positions are you in at one time?
    • How can a trader determine if a market is fair-priced, over or under-valued?
    • Do have a favorite options strategy?
    • What advice would you give a new options trader?
    • What is your book, “Trading Options Visually” about?
    • What are the benefits of futures options?
    • How can an equity options trader best learn to trade futures options?