About Paul Forchione

About Paul Forchione

Paul’s motto is “Knowledge is a trader’s most valuable tool.”

As a Commodity Trading Advisor and Options Strategist, Paul specializes in structuring options spreads that have a theoretical trading edge.

Paul is the author of The ACE Program – Encyclopedia of Options Trading Strategies, a Strategy Series of instructional CDs, and Trading Options Visually, a highly acclaimed book that presents a graphical and mathematical approach for trading options. Paul is also a frequent presenter of webinars and seminars throughout the country and abroad.

In the early ’80s Paul became a market maker on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Two years later, he became a Floor Trader on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and traded options on US Treasury Bond futures for his proprietary account. For seventeen years, Paul was a full service futures and options broker.

Paul’s background also includes:

    • Off-floor trading of futures and options
    • Corporate financial forecasting and planning
    • Operations management
    • BA with honors in mathematics from Northwestern University
    • MBA in finance and accounting from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management

Listen to 25 hours of Paul’s free educational webinars, and watch a video interview of Paul at the CME where he answers the following questions:

    • How did you get involved in options trading?
    • What is it that makes options an attractive trading instrument?
    • Has options trading changed over the past 10 years?
    • What type of trends are you seeing in your customers’ trading?
    • How can a retail trader sort through the various options strategy available to them?
    • How can a trader trader a “hot” market?
    • How do you define risk management for an options trade?
    • What’s the best way to define risk:reward for an options spread trade?
    • Do you recommend a specific money management strategy for options?
    • Is it necessary to hold an options position to expiration?
    • What the ideal time to expiration for an option?
    • What does a trading plan need to address?
    • When would a trader scale into an options position?
    • How do you identify market opportunities?
    • How important is diversification of markets & strategy in your trading?
    • How many positions are you in at one time?
    • How can a trader determine if a market is fair-priced, over or under-valued?
    • Do have a favorite options strategy?
    • What advice would you give a new options trader?
    • What is your book, “Trading Options Visually” about?
    • What are the benefits of futures options?
    • How can an equity options trader best learn to trade futures options?