Lessons and Articles for Trading Options

Articles for Traders – $19
    • Adaptive Options Trading – An Alternative Strategy for Speculating with Futures Options
    • Delta Neutral Trading
    • The Options Market as an “Oddsmaker”
    • Options Through the Eyes of a Floor Trader
    • The ACE Program – Encyclopedia of Options Positions
    • Strategy Selection for Options Traders
    • The “Big Picture”
Lessons for Traders – $19
    • The “Greeks” and other important terminology
    • Using implied volatility and statistical volatility to acquire a trading edge
    • Directional trading for different volatility outlooks
    • Neutral trading for different volatility outlooks
    • Choosing the optimal credit spread
    • When and how to adjust positions
    • Judicious premium selling
    • Diagonal calendar spreads
    • Strangle Swaps
    • Vertical (Calendar) swaps
    • Long Strangles vs. Strangle Swaps and Short Strangles vs. Iron Condors